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Why You Should Care About Impact Investing

December 15, 20236 min read

Why You Should Care About Impact Investing

In this week's newsletter, we are addressing the elephant in the room: Why should women care about impact investing?

R.I.S.E. & Shine! It's another great day to learn about investing for impact!

Happy Saturday ladies,

Today, let's tackle an important question: Why should women care about impact investing?

As women, we encounter unique financial challenges. For instance, did you know 80% of women are more likely to face poverty in retirement compared to men? This alarming statistic highlights the critical need for financial empowerment and literacy among women.

That's why, at R.I.S.E., we are passionate advocates for impact investing. We're expanding beyond traditional investing methods, moving away from blindly entrusting our funds to others. Instead, we're adopting an approach that emphasizes understanding investment fundamentals and proactively directing our money towards causes aligned with our values; also known as Impact Investing!

The Power of Financial Control


You have the power to make the world a better place, not just through awareness, but with capital. Money talks, and it's time we join the conversation. Women, on average, live longer than men. This longevity means we need to be even more vigilant about our financial health.

  • Define Impact on Your Terms: Impact means something different to each one of us. Whether it’s combating climate change, supporting communities, or championing other significant causes, your investment choices can reflect your personal values and passions.

  • Check Your Financial Awareness: Do you know what's happening with your accounts? As women, it's important to stay informed and in control of your money, how it's growing, and how it's going out.

  • Break the Male-Dominated Cycle: We are often faced with a finance world designed by and for men. This gender bias in financial services can be daunting, but it's crucial we step up and claim our space. By educating ourselves and engaging in financial planning, we can break these barriers and ensure our voices are heard.



When you sign up to become a member of R.I.S.E. The Movement, you gain access to dozens of educational tools including courses, blogs, live and virtual events, insights from expert investors, and a community of women investors just like you ready to support and encourage you along your investment journey!

The Power of Impact Investing

The Power of Impact Investing

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers:

  • 98% of widows and divorcees advise other women to take a more active role in managing their finances.

  • 90% of women will, at some point, find themselves solely responsible for their financial well-being.

  • When women entrust their money to others, 74% experience negative surprises.

This is where impact investing offers hope and empowerment. It’s not just about growing wealth; it's about understanding where our money goes and ensuring it aligns with our values and contributes to the world we wish to see.

Ladies, the time to be passive is over. We must rise as empowered, educated women, asking the right questions and taking charge of our financial futures. Remember, when we are financially empowered, we are better equipped to make a lasting impact on the world and secure our future.

Together, let's embrace a future where financial empowerment and social change go hand in hand.



Amy Domini

Founder and Chair of Domini Impact Investments, Amy Domini is a pioneer in socially responsible investing. In the 1970s and ‘80s, she was a stockbroker, and it was during this time she recognized the importance of mission-driven investing.

Domini was instrumental in pushing for divestment from South Africa during apartheid and later created one of the first social indexes of U.S. companies based on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria​.

Domini told InvestmentNews, “Companies need to report on the impact their operations are having on people and the planet in a manner that is quantifiable and relevant. With this information, investors will make better, more informed choices.”


  • UBS predicts that the Federal Reserve will implement aggressive interest rate cuts totaling 275 basis points by the end of 2024 due to slow economic growth, rising unemployment, and a need for substantial reductions in the federal funds rate.

  • Morningstar's new analysis suggests that due to higher interest rates and bond yields, it is now likely safe for retirees to spend 4% of their nest eggs in the first year of retirement, adjusting for inflation in subsequent years, reviving the previously questioned 4% rule of retirement spending.

  • US-China climate talks have led to agreements beneficial for impact investors, with the US climate envoy John Kerry emphasizing investment opportunities in sustainable assets across various classes and regions due to the increasing focus on climate change.

  • It has been over 14 years since the federal minimum wage was raised from $7.24, which is the longest time frame that has passed without an increase since minimum wage was created.

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Despite inflation and the high cost of living in recent years American’s credit scores have been improving year over year. Today, the national average credit score is a record breaking 718

Taking a closer look at the data, it's clear that the older you are the more likely you are to have a higher credit score, with the so-called silent generation averaging a credit score of 761. For comparison, Gen Z on average has a credit score of 680, which jumps 10 points for millennials.

Credit score demographics also vary depending on where you live, as shown in the chart above. How does your credit score compare to your age group and state?

Next Week’s Sneak Peek:

Next week, we are testing your impact investing knowledge with a fun post-holiday quiz!


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