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Get More Green: Transforming Your Portfolio with Renewable Energy

December 22, 20236 min read

Get More Green: Transforming Your Portfolio with Renewable Energy

Discover how investing in green energy can boost your portfolio, and find out why we are so hesitant to adopt new green tech.

R.I.S.E. & Shine! It's another great day to learn about investing for impact!

Happy Saturday ladies,

This week we are touching on a topic that is as exciting as it is important - renewable energy as a form of impact investing.

Why should you care about investing in renewable energy? Because this investment not only works towards saving the planet, but it's about growing your wealth!

On the topic of investing in renewable energy, we are tackling an age-old question: Why are we so slow to embrace new technologies, especially when they hold such promise for us, and the planet?

Renewable Energy =

More Green In Your Wallet + A Greener Planet


Investing in renewable energy is as good for the environment as it is for your investment portfolio!

From buying shares in community solar projects to investing in green bonds and ETFs, there are plenty of ways to get involved. Even direct investments in companies leading the charge in renewables, like wind power and electric vehicles, offer exciting opportunities.

Here are some compelling reasons why people choose to invest in clean energy:

  1. Protecting the Environment: Clean energy projects harness sources like sunlight and wind to generate power without creating pollution or harmful greenhouse gasses.

  2. Sustainability: Clean energy sources are renewable, creating a long-term solution to our energy needs without depleting Earth’s resources that will eventually run out.

  3. Health Benefits: Cleaner air and water result from reduced pollution, promoting better health for both humans and wildlife and lowering the risk of pollution-related diseases.

  4. Energy Independence: Investing in clean energy projects can decrease a region or country's dependence on imported fossil fuels, enhancing energy security and reducing vulnerability to fuel price fluctuations.

With average Internal Rates of Return (IRR) ranging from 7-9%, and even higher in some regions, investing in green technology is not just a moral choice but a financially smart one. Not to mention, investing in the environment can help reduce your tax burden!



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Why Are We So Slow To Embrace New Tech?


Going green is all the rage, so why are we still so hesitant to adopt new tech?

Often, it's a mix of unfamiliarity and misconceptions about complexity or risks. But as empowered women, it's crucial we overcome these barriers.

Embracing renewable technologies is not just about being on the right side of history; it's about being at the forefront of innovation. It’s a cause we can support in our own homes, communities, and with our investments. By understanding and investing in these technologies, we set a powerful example and further progress, all while securing our financial future.



Steph Speirs

Steph Speirs is a well known figure in the renewable energy sector, recognized for her role as the CEO and Co-Founder of Solstice, a company focused on increasing access to clean energy through community solar farms. Speirs’s innovative approach includes introducing EnergyScore, a new underwriting standard that gives more access to clean energy for low-income Americans.

Speirs is highly celebrated for her impact investing efforts, and has been recognized as Elle’s US Women Entrepreneur of the Year and Renewable Energy World's 40 Under 40 in Solar. Speris has worked as a policy maker for the US Government, and holds degrees from Yale, Princeton, and MIT.


  • Following one of the best November’s in history, Stocks were slow this week coming out of the Black Friday holiday shopping season. But Shopify, an e-commerce powerhouse, reached its highest stock price since March 2022.

  • Chinese fast-fashion leader Shein, valued at $64 billion, is set to debut on the stock market in 2023.

  • This week COP28, a critical global climate summit, was held in Dubai, so keep a look out for the coming reports on how we are progressing in the fight against climate change.

  • According to Empower Financial Happiness Report, 60% of Americans believe that money in fact can buy happiness. What is the price tag of happiness you ask? $1.2 million.

There Is A Simple Solution To Growing The World’s Economy: Invest In Women.

founder gender

Data from the Gates Foundation indicates that empowering women in the economy could increase the global economy by $10 trillion by 2030.

A new program by CARE and Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth's Ignite program is focused on supporting women-led small businesses, and has shown how impactful such investments can be.

Despite the potential for economic growth, women entrepreneurs still face significant hurdles around the world, including defying societal norms, limited access to capital, networks, training, and gender-biased laws in numerous countries.

Next Week’s Sneak Peek:

Next week, we're diving deeper into the impactful world of renewable energy investments, showing you how to actively use your money for positive change, and how to get started today!


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