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Setting Impact-Driven Investment Goals

November 17, 20237 min read

Setting Impact-Driven Investment Goals

In this week's issue, we are helping you personalize your investment plan and set your dream investment goals, all while making an impact!

R.I.S.E. & Shine! It's another great day to learn about investing for impact!

Happy Friday ladies,

I believe that the first step to any impactful investing journey begins with introspection. What excites your spirit? Maybe it's the dream of a healthier Earth, free from natural disasters; or maybe you envision equity and justice in your community, or society as a whole.

By exploring your values, you are setting the compass that will guide you through your financial journey. When you truly resonate with the causes you support, every investment decision becomes a powerful statement of your life's purpose.

Here, you're not just an investor; you're a change-maker, directing funds where they can make the most difference.

This week, we are looking at how to develop your own personal investment plan that reflects these values, and taking a closer look at impact-based investing opportunities!

- Tanaha, Chief Empowerment Officer at R.I.S.E. The Movement


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Developing a Personalized Investment Plan That Reflects Your Financial Goals & Values


Money is energy—a resource that can be channeled towards creating monumental shifts in the world we live in. With all of the causes available to us, how do we choose which opportunity to pursue?

This is where building a customized investment blueprint comes in. This framework will combine your financial goals with the causes that are closest to your heart.

Financial journeys, especially ones driven by purpose, aren't meant to be walked alone. RISE The Movement is not just a platform; it's an active community of like-minded women, each wanting to make positive change the foundation of their investments.



When you sign up to become a member of R.I.S.E. The Movement, you gain access to dozens of educational tools including courses, blogs, live and virtual events, insights from expert investors, and a community of women investors just like you ready to support and encourage you along your investment journey!

Have You Considered These Impact-Driven Investment Opportunities?


  • Socially Responsible Investments (SRIs): SRI’s are investment funds that seek to generate both financial returns and positive social and/or environmental impacts. This may look like following ESG guidelines, positive screening for new projects, or community investing.

  • Community Development Projects (CDPs): CDPs refer to initiatives or programs aimed at improving the well-being of local residents through bettering the social, economic, and environmental elements of a community. These projects often involve local residents, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), and sometimes even international entities or donors.

  • Sustainable Business Ventures (SBVs): SBVs refer to businesses or entrepreneurial ventures that often align with the concept of the "Triple Bottom Line" (TBL) – People, Planet, Profit. These businesses could sell eco-friendly products, promote responsible tourism, or provide financial services to underserved communities.

  • Renewable Energy Projects: Initiatives focused on harnessing energy from sustainable and natural sources such as wind, solar, and hydro, aiming to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and combat climate change.

  • Microfinance and Financial Inclusion: Financial services, like loans or savings accounts, provided to underserved or low-income individuals to empower them economically and foster broader economic participation.

  • Impact Real Estate: Property investments and development ventures designed to produce measurable social, environmental, and sometimes cultural benefits alongside financial returns.



Ruma Bose

Ruma Bose is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist known for her commitment to innovation and driving impactful change in business and society as a whole. She served as the president of Chobani Foundation, where she played an important role in amplifying the brand's mission to use business as a force for good. Previously, Ruma was Managing Partner at Humanitarian Ventures, investing in high growth technology companies and leveraging their potential for the humanitarian sector.

Beyond her corporate roles, Ruma is also recognized as the co-author of Mother Teresa, CEO, a book that distills the iconic humanitarian's leadership principles. Throughout her career, Ruma has been a vocal advocate for gender equality, social entrepreneurship, and inclusive business practices. She is a thought leader in both the social impact sphere and the broader business community.


This Week At a Glance

  • Thanks to shifting interest rates, the last few months have been rough for anyone invested in the stock market, but those that have stuck with their falling investments are likely to see better returns in the long run.

  • Wall Street's main indexes fell this week in response to the attack on Israel from the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas. Global markets felt the shock, and oil prices jumped 4%.

  • A new report from the Wall Street Journal found that autopay is making us worse at managing credit-card bills. Autopay often leads to underpaying, and those who use it are paying off 8%-17% less of their monthly credit-card balance.

  • 125,000 more student loan borrowers just became eligible for student loan forgiveness as the White House announces another $9 billion in debt relief.

What Is Holding Women Back From Investing?


A new report from Fidelity Investments found that there has been a “power surge” of women investors in the last several years, but is this enough?

More women than ever are investing for retirement, and Fidelity alone added 48% more female client customers in 2023 compared to in 2019. While there is no denying this is progress, many women still feel like these numbers are not enough.

Confidence is one factor holding women back from investing, with 23% of women saying they would feel more comfortable investing if they had a trusted resource to manage their investments for them. Money being a taboo topic to discuss is another reason.

Of course, we know it’s not women’s fault their involvement in investing remains low; after all, investing was built with men in mind. But as we begin to have more conversations about our money and investments, we will be able to empower ourselves and the community of women around us.

Become a member of the RISE Community to join the conversation!

Next Week’s Sneak Peek:

In next week’s newsletter we are looking at how you can make an impact while earning passive income!


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