R.I.S.E Empowers Women Investors Worldwide

R.I.S.E. The Movement is dedicated to fostering and connecting women investors worldwide, providing access to diverse impactful investment opportunities, promoting financial education, and fostering a supportive environment that enables them to make impactful, collective investment decisions.

Statistics that motivate us to push forward


of women feel they have influence when it comes to investing

Source: Institute for Gender Equity


of women feel empowered to manage their finances


of women prefer to learn about money from other women


of women feel excluded from the world of investing


Driving Change Globally Uniting Women Investors

We envision a community where every woman investor is empowered by impact-driven investments that mirror their values for themselves and their family.  Through collaboration, education, and innovation, our goal is to transform how women invest and instigate global positive change.


Values in Action

We believe in creating an inclusive and diverse community where all women investors feel welcome and supported. We prioritize impact-driven investments that align with our social and environmental values. We value collaboration and the power of collective decision-making. We believe in continuous learning and providing access to financial educational resources. Finally, we embrace innovation and strive to revolutionize the way women invest and create positive change in the world.

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